‘Ghar Se Nikalte Hi… Kuch Dur Chalte Hi’ is the new catch for the internet meme makers

You might have come across the famous before and after meme that became a trendsetter for a while- ‘if you don’t love me at my’ ‘you don’t deserve to be at’. This before and after memes actually worked wonders when you are surfing down the social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter showing how people get out of their houses and turn into something completely different of themselves.

The Indian memes are all based on Bollywood, cricket, cartoon characters, and the famous personalities. The memes help in boosting your mood all at once. No wonder how everything seems so relatable to everyone’s personal life that people roll out on the floor laughing while reading these funny memes. You can never expect what can turn up to become a meme in social media. These days anything can be taken and made into a Meme. Everyday something catches the eyes of Twitter users and eventually, it becomes a hit.

This time the Twitter users have got a very famous Bollywood song, Ghar Se Nikalte Hi Kuch Dur Chalte Hi. It is a song from the film Papa Kehte Hain that was released in 1996. The song has been a popular track in the 1990s which has been popularised Again by the famous singers Amaal Mallik and Armaan Malik recently. To their surprise, these two lines have become the most popular and hilarious memes on Twitter and Facebook, all thanks to the creative uses. Who said Indians are not creative!

The before and after meme will make you laugh out loud. People love sharing these names with their friends and colleagues. These days, tagging each other on the funniest memes has become an important thing to do when you are online. There are plenty of memes available on the Internet that can keep you engaged and be laughing for hours. You can actually relate to each one of them because it is created by people like us. The internet trollers haven’t left any famous actor or the famous scene from a movie from making it a meme.

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