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Technology is an exciting and growing industry, with the developments and innovative ideas it conjures permeating the everyday lives of everyone on the planet. What more of a thrilling trade could we hope to enter into? However, even with its seemingly exponential growth and prominence in the way technology shapes nearly all aspects of our lives, it is a highly competitive industry to break into and make an impact in. In this short guide, you will be walked through the tools that will help you figure out your future career path and how to achieve your goals and fulfil your ambition.

Knowing your motivations

The technology industry is a hard one to break into and whilst there are many reasons to consider a job in technology, you need to be sure this is definitely what you want because undoubtedly, you will have to fight tooth and nail for it. The most important factor to consider is your motivation. Many people may be drawn to the technology business because it appears to be a lucrative way of making money quickly and enjoying the good life, but you need to remember the realities. As with any industry, you start at the bottom and work your way to the top through hard work and graft, so you need to be prepared to fully dedicate yourself to this job and your goals in order to succeed.

Good things come to those who study

The first thing to know about technology is that the very nature of it means it is nearly impossible to learn the trade on the job. By studying technology, be that as a university student or in the form of an apprenticeship, only then will you be able to acquire the needed knowledge, discipline, and know how to carve a career in tech. Researching and following tips for being a successful student will immensely aid you in your pursuit of a career. For example, something as simple as having a study or revision schedule will ensure you are really engaging with the things you are learning; provided, of course, you stick to it. Another invaluable skill is being able to take what you learn in class and use it further your knowledge by yourself. Do the supplementary reading, always be looking for new and interesting subjects or skills to get clued up on. This will make you stand out from the crowd from day one and make you an ideal applicant.

Know what you’re getting into

When we have a dream job in our heads, it is common to idealize it and, in doing so, forget to remember what we are getting ourselves in for. A love and aptitude for technology do not necessarily equip you with the know how to navigate the politics and inner workings of the technology industry. Thus, it is essential you understand how things actually work, rather than rely on the rose-tinted idea you have about the trade. A simple place to start is knowing the places that tech companies are based and thrive so when you go out looking for a job; you know the types of places you may be required to move to.

Taking the opportunities

When studying technology and developing your skill set, it is logical that you will have opportunities thrown your way which could include unpaid internships and top companies or specialized training courses that will help you excel in the future and get you networking with future employers. These opportunities are indispensable if you are lucky enough to land one but, a sad fact is, these opportunities are often unpaid when you’re still learning the trade, so you will need some form of financial support. One way of doing this, and building up your credit score, is to use credit cards designed for ambitious young people, getting their lives started. You can find these by going online to compare now and find a deal that suits you and the opportunities you want to take.

Mapping it out

If you are going to enter such a cut-throat industry, you need to know exactly where you want to go and how to get there. What training will you need, for example, or what placements should you be applying for in order to reach your goals? One way to really streamline this is to make a five-year plan for yourself of the things you need to achieve in order to make it in the technology trade. By making this plan, you now have a clear idea of the amount of work and, even better, the exact type of work you need to do for the foreseeable future.

Building from your laptop up

When starting out in the industry, your initial move will be to find a job in an established company and put all your hard studying to practical use, becoming a shining employee and climbing the ladder to success. For many, this established career path is enough, but when you are ambitious, the moment will come in your career where you wish to forge your own path. One route to go down is creating your own internet start-up venture, where you can pair your enviable skill set with winning business acumen to make something unique and innovative for yourself. Start by finding a gap in the market and coming up with a creative solution to solve it, trying to find something that fellow competitors are missing in order to place yourself on firm foundations. Use your skills to build a strong and accessible website with a winning pitch that will convince clients you are the person to solve this problem on their behalf. Above all else, you need to establish yourself as an expert.  There is nothing people will respect or revere more than an individual who knows exactly what they are talking about and has the skills to prove it.

The technology industry is both challenging and rewarding in equal measure but if it is something you feel passionate about, then all your hard work will be worth it and will pay off in the end.

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