Get the simultaneous view of the Moon, Venus, and Mars before the dawn of Tuesday

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Scientists have informed that spectators can watch a gathering of two bright planets-Venus and Mars along with magnificent and slender crescent moon on Tuesday’s predawn sky. If weather permits and there are no obstructions like trees or buildings, then you will definitely get a splendid view of the very narrow(6-percent illuminated ) crescent moon by looking towards the Eastern Horizon about 60 to 75 minutes before sunrise. And along with that, you can also see the yellow, orange Mars situated just 1.3 degrees to the left and also the blazing Venus situated 8-degrees below.

During this past couple of weeks, it was observed that Venus and Mars were changing their positions with each other on successive mornings. Also on 5th October, the two planets appeared very close to each other, and after that, they slowly started to draw apart. Venus started getting a bit lower each morning and Mars started getting a bit higher. And on Tuesday, Moon will join the party, thus forming a broad triangle low in the eastern sky just before the sunrise.



Actually, October 5 was the celestial equivalent of the two ships passing in the Night. Mars Being, the 3rd planet of Earth, continues to travel ahead of the Earth and rises around 5 o’clock in the morning all month. Earth manages to come close to Mars and hence, Mars appears higher in the eastern sky. But Venus rises just before the dawn during most of October and sinks closer to the eastern horizon, although being present to the far side of the sun.

So, on Tuesday morning, both Mars and Venus along with the moon are going to form, although widely spaced, an eye-catching gathering which will look great in the predawn sky. Many ancient sky watchers relate this phenomenon with astrology or God. They believe that the changing positions of the sun, moon, and planets can have a decided effect on the destinies of individuals and nations on the Earth. But those who do not believe in Astrology can enjoy watching the trio on the predawn Tuesday sky.


Previously, Moon met three planets on September 18. As per the reports, the moon hid these three planets in the night sky one by one. Lunar occultation is a rare sight and witnessing three in a row within a span of 24 hours is a delight for space enthusiasts and astronomers.

An occultation is an event that occurs when one object is hidden by another object that passes between it and the observer. In lunar occultation, our Moon covers another celestial object making them disappear for a short period of time.

The moon first met Venus followed by first magnitude star Regulus, Mars and Mercury. Researchers explained that rare celestial extravaganza was clearly visible in the night sky. Three lunar occultations are a very rare phenomenon as last such lunar occultation occurred back on 5 March 2008 where Moon covered Mercury, Venus and Neptune one by one.

It’s a golden opportunity for space enthusiasts and scientists to study the celestial event as next such formation with three lunar occultations will take place in 2036.

Astronomers explained that this lunar occultation is special as the moon will cover Regulus which is one of only four first-magnitude stars in our skies that can be occulted by the Moon – the other three are Aldebaran, Spica and Antares.

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