Harvard researchers reveal the ‘genetic recipe’ that makes you look 10 years younger

Genes that make people look up to 10 year younger identified!

In a revolutionary finding, researchers have identified the gene that allows people to look up to ten years younger than the actual age. Scientists say that black people are twice likely to have ‘younger gene’ than white people.

The study by researchers from Harvard Medical School along with 23andMe analysed nearly 1 million people with private genetic database. While observing the data, researchers noted that one in every fifth black and one in every 10 white counterpart carry the ‘younger gene’ due to which they appear younger than they actually are.

On the study, lead researcher Alexa Kimball, professor of dermatology at Harvard Medical School said that till today many scientists believed that black people are better at ageing due to the presence of extra pigment in their skin. However, the study has given new insight into the science of ageing and has revealed other characteristics in their skin which confer good ageing, which until now we had no idea about. Kimball further added that the group of ‘younger genes’ basically fall in seven categories which affect several areas including DNA repair and ability of the skin that protects it against damaging environmental factors.

Every person wants to look young forever, especially celebrities as their entire career is dependent on how they look. The appeal of getting young has given birth to multibillion-pound cosmetics where the drug used temporary paralyses the muscles that create wrinkles on the skin.

Researchers believe that with the study they can identify whether a person is genetically blessed to have the genetic recipe that will keep them looking young. Moreover, the study will help scientists in better understanding the process of ageing and how to slow it down.

The findings will be published this week at the World Congress of Dermatology in Vancouver.

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