General VK Singh to attend Kashmiri Separatists Meet

Pakistan’s envoy Abdul Basit has organized a dinner discussion tonight with Kashmiri separatists to celebrate Pakistan’s Republic Day. Basit stated that he doesn’t see anything objectionable in this on India’s part.

“The Government of India prefers to speak for itself,” rebuked the Foreign Ministry with a statement this afternoon. “There should be no scope for misunderstanding or misrepresenting India’s position on the role of the so-called Hurriyat… there are only two parties and there is no place for a third party in resolution of India-Pakistan issues,” said ministry spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin.

Surprisingly former Indian Army chief and Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, General VK Singh will be attending the Pakistan’s envoy’s dinner.

Abdul Basit has recently talked with the separatist leaders and also told them about the talks between Foreign Secretaries of India and Pakistan. The separatists leaders on this guest list of Abdul Basit’s dinner include separatist leaders like Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, chairman of the Hurriyat Conference, and six more.

Such confluence of separatist leaders on Pakistan Day is a regular practice. However, it was called off last year by India after Basit attested to meet the leaders even before the talks.

The controversy also lies to the fact that, Masarat Alam has also been invited. Alam, allegedly, was the main organizer of massive upheaval in 2010 where Kashmiris had clashed with army and police. The violence created was a huge loss of lives with casualty toll more than hundred. Alam was released from jail this month only.

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