GamingBolt: Pokemon GO Patch Adds New “Nearby Pokemon” Feature, Fixes XP Bugs

Pokémon GO strikes on augmented reality science to give the game a new twist

Pokemon GO received a new update for Android and iOS, and it adds a new “Nearby Pokemon” feature. This seems to be a system meant for a certain amount of users for testing purposes and will likely serve as an alternative to the previous tracking method.

Other features in the patch, as per the notes, include a dialog that will pop up and remind you to not play beyond a certain speed. At this point, you have to confirm that you’re not driving to continue playing. This will presumably prevent people from playing Pokemon GO and driving. Or just confirm they’re not while driving which is really beyond stupid at this point.

The patch also fixes a bug that wasn’t awarding the proper XP bonuses for “Nice”, “Great” and “Excellent” throws, achievements not showing the right Medal icons, adding visuals for leaders of the various teams (namely Candela, Blanche and Spark).

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What’s new?

In the new version, the players can get XP bonus points from Poke Balls by finding any Pokémon. However, unluckily the deleted tracking feature is not included in new version. Moreover, the players and trainers will find a new dialog which is found reminding the trainers not to play while voyaging in more than a precise speed. In order to continue playing, the trainers are mandatory to confirm that they are not driving in more than the fixed speed.

In the ball part, the game is updated with the correctness of throwing a curveball. In addition to this, a previously found bug that used to prevent “Nice, Great, and Excellent” Poke Ball throws with awarding XP bonus points. Moreover, the bug that used to show the incorrect Medal icon is also fixed in the new version. Several other significant improvements including Nearby Pokémon” feature with a division of users, an addition of visual effects of Team Leaders like Blanche, Candela, and Spark, nickname changing option for trainers are also added in the new Pokemon Go version.

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