Game Play Video: Developers rechristen game from No Mario’s Sky to ‘DMCA’s Sky’

No Mario’s Sky to ‘DMCA’s Sky’

Nintendo again sent out a humiliate notice and this time it is a fan-made game that pounded up Super Mario with No Man’s Sky. Rather than closing down the game, the developers of ASMB Games has figured out another enchanting way to show their protest against Nintendo and rename the game from ‘No Mario’s Sky’ to ‘DMCA’s Sky,’ to evade Nintendo’s legal advisors.

As Nintendo keeps on posting the fan-made games with its brand name, a group of developers has nibbled back by transforming the name of the game. Instead of entirely withdrawing the game from the platform, the developers prefers to rechristen ‘No Mario’s Sky’ with their brand name as ‘DMCA’s Sky.’ Tragically, that couldn’t prevent it being pulled back from triannual diversion coding rivalry, Ludum Dare.

With billion of software and games, Nintendo is counted among most popular and well-accepted gaming brand worldwide. But with its popular flagship character of Mario and Pokemon, the company ended up being a global phenomenon, and still, is creating high waves in 2016 gaming market. On the other hand, like other techno-firms, Nintendo also found to give its intellectual property rights more importance and subsequently taking action against anybody utilizing Nintendo characters without authorization, from fan-made Metroid clone AM2R to Pokémon Uranium. Nintendo has created most of the legal threats of recent time.

The designers behind No Mario’s Sky likewise felt the Nintendo wrath when Nintendo of America lawyer Brian Sniffen sent an official notification against their diversion which was only a couple of hours old. Being unable to go up against the power of Nintendo, ASMB promptly brought the game down. Tragically that additionally affected their remaining at Ludum Dare.

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