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The Food Safety and Standards authority of India has restricted the sales of junk food and other high in fat, salt and sugar (HFSS) items in school canteen and areas that come within the range of 50 meters of any authorised private and government schools. FSSAI also said that school canteens should not be a commercial outlet and should be monitored by the school authority.

In March  2015, the Supreme Court of India asked the FSSAI to make a form of regulations and guidelines within three months that would be filled by each and every  school across the country to enforce these directions.

Now after six months, FSSAI has documented all the rules and regulations that are required to be fulfilled by any food outlet inside or within the range of 50 meters of a school.

These rules strictly prohibit the sales of any kind of Junk food and other HFSS items, this also includes all kinds of chips, sugar-sweetened carbonated & non-carbonated beverages, ready-to-eat noodles, pizzas, burgers and confectionery items.

According to the authorities of FSSAI children are not a good judge of foods they should eat. The same is what schools should take care of and  should not make canteens a place for commercial outlet. FSSAI also ordered school authorities to make a canteen policy guideline to provide nutritious, wholesome and healthy foods.

The food safety watchdog, keeping in mind the benefits of shopkeepers, ordered that junk foods ca be provided to children only under parental supervisory and that too doesn’t apply for inside the school food outlets.

FSSAI also proposed the supreme court that the food in Delhi school canteens should come with three color code: green for healthy, such as fruit and vegetables; yellow for foods that should be eaten sparingly, and red for items that fall in the ‘high in fat, salt and sugar’ (HFSS) category.

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