Four militants killed in a clash with Army in Kashmir TeCake

Four militants were killed by the Indian Army after a sixteen-hour gun battle in Jammu-Kashmir region. According to the Police, the militants are reported to have crossed the border from Pakistan.

When the men were spotted coming towards the base, the fighting sparked off at the border town of Tangdhar.

The Army resorted to the use of mortars and machine guns to battle the danger. Forty soldiers from an elite commando unit were airlifted to combat the men who had encroached the area. However, two militants are still suspected to have escaped and the army is on the search for them but killing of the four militants has been confirmed by the Senior Police official Garib Dass.

“There were multiple blasts in these two houses as the militants were carrying a large quantity of ammunition that went off in the army operation,” the officer said.

Two out of the three Indo-Pak wars have been fought over Muslim majority regions of Kashmir. Both of the nations claim full rule in it. However, lot Muslim separatists have been fighting against the Indian forces since 1989. Pakistan has been time and again accused if manipulating the minds and sending the rebels.

These accusations have been continually denied by Pakistan. Pakistan has justified its supports for Kashmiri Muslims on the grounds of human rights which it believes are abused by the Indian security force.

There have been two major clashes in the last week wherein in the other clash, three soldiers were shot dead.

Militants in Kashmir also shot dead two men and threatened to kill employees working for mobile phone companies in the last week.

A militant group named Lashkar-e-Islam had put up a poster to shut down the phone companies. Their concern was over being tracked by the cell towers which were being employed to hunt down their fighters.

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