Faulty Ford fiesta 2010 model car

Ford motors is in the news again for recalling about 3072 units of Fiesta car. The recalled models are the diesel Fiesta sedans manufactured in India between October 2010 and December 2011.

The recalled cars show an issue of faulty glow plug control module which causes further troubling with it. Ford announced that about three thousand defective cars were identified, and they’ll be getting in touch with the customers, asking them to get further support regarding the matter from their local Ford dealers.

The faulty glow plug control module will be replaced by the dealers at no cost from the customers, with a new waterproof glow plug control module.

“We have initiated a field service action to correct a product concern on 3,072 Ford Fiesta TDCi vehicles. This is a proactive, voluntary recall action to ensure customers’ safety and satisfaction and no accidents or injuries related to this concern have been reported,” Ford said in a statement after announcing the recall.

A glow plug is basically a heating component that counters engine’s starting troubles, especially during cold starts, by applying preheating techniques. The control panel of this plug shows some faults and prevents the car to start.

Ford was in news earlier for recall of about 205,000 Ford Fiesta cars worldwide for the door latching issues. The company also recalled 972 units of the EcoSport diesel cars last year for a similar problem relating to glow plug control unit module, however, it just required relocating the plug and the issue was solved.

Manufacturing faults seems to be a major cause of concern now days as in past couple of years over 7 lakhs cars have been recalled by several big guns including Maruti Suzuki, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, General Motors, Ford, Audi, Mahindra.

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