Food tips to keep you healthy

Life has become such fast-paced that people don’t get enough time to decide what and when to eat and keep themselves healthy. Usually, they end up eating whatever they are served without giving a second thought. To erase the hunger people try to consume meals that take less time to cook as well as less time while eating, sometimes they even skip meals. All these things leads to unhealthy lifestyle that can give you many diseases in future including obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases..

Here are few tips on what to eat and stay healthy


Your day starts with breakfast and dieticians say that it is the most important meal in the entire day which should not be skipped. One should eat a nutritious breakfast that combines good carbs and fiber with some protein to make you feel energetic and also it sets the stage for smart decisions all day long. Eggs, beans, sprouts, corns are good options to be consumed in breakfast. Breakfast also prevents overeating later in the day. Thus, next time never rush out the door in the morning without eating breakfast.

Avoid fast food

Eating fast food which has low nutritional value and high calories is the norm. Since, they are easy to cook and takes less time to eat apart from being tasty, people love to eat fast food. But they need to understand that fast foods just kill your hunger without adding any nutritional value. Since, fast foods are high on calories they can turn anyone into obese. Fast foods are one of the primary reasons for the drastic health decline seen today.

Eat more fruits

Instead of consuming fast foods or junk foods, one should focus more consuming fruits. They take less time to eat, still they have high nutritional value. Fruits keeps us healthy and protects us from several diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases and the effects of aging.

Include more fiber in diet

One should include fibrous vegetables in diet like broccoli, cabbage. Fibers not only helps in cutting down weight but also helps in controlling blood sugar level. Fibers are good for digestive system, skin health, heart health and kidney stones.

Avoid sweetened drinks

Avoid drinks with added sugars as they contain high amount of calories which can increase your weight apart causing heart disease and diabetes. Instead, people should consume natural sweet items like corn, beetroot and sweet potatoes.

Eat slowly

In today’s world people are in such hurry that they tend to eat food very quickly. In fact, most of the time they finish a meal in just 5 minutes due to which body doesn’t get enough time to realise that stomach is full and people end up eating more. This is another reason for gaining weight. Thus, one should slow down eating a meal and try to finish it in 30 minutes as it will give enough time for body to realise when stomach get full and when is the right time to stop eating.

Apart from eating, drinking water is also very important. An adult should drink at least 3-4 litres of water in a day.

The article was first published on  August 30, 2015 at 4:40 pm
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