Flipkart’s The Big Billion Day ruins shopping experience

flipkart big billion day sale

Flipkart’s Big Billion Day Sale kicked off today at 8:00 am with its website displaying the top deals and offers. However, The Big Billion Day shopping experience is getting worse than ever due to the bugs residing in the Flipkart. We wanted to place an order for Moto X and Moto E, but were disappointed.

In some of the frustrating situation, the website started throwing us an error almost nine times, this morning, “500: Internal Server Error; Uh-oh!; Houston, we’ve got a problem! This one didn’t quite take off; Looks like the page you requested does not exist or has moved. We suggest you check if the URL is correct.; Due to an internal error we cannot display the requested page. You may try again in some time.; Take me back to Flipkart Homepage.”

This internal server error has not only happened today, but almost every time when the website receives a lot of traffic due to additional offers and new product launch. Flipkart normally fails to handle hundreds of users at a time.


Due to heavy traffic, firstly images aren’t loading properly in the product description section. Also, the website is behaving abnormally, for example, when the user is adding a product into his cart the product is changing, Moto X is switching with Blackberry Z10. The Dynamic features of the websites like ‘collapse reviews’ aren’t working either. Now near about 0948 IST; the website is totally failing to load.

One of our reporters said, ” Flipkart is shooting the price of some products, which can later sell with a discount of 30% or more. In just one day the price of most the products increased to a significant amount, and in reality the company is only selling them at a price they had earlier.”

According to reports, as is one the biggest online retail store in India which is trying to compete international retail giant, Amazon. This wasn’t expected from the company; previously their servers were down at the time of launching Moto 360 and Xiomi Mi3.

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