These five exercises can help you shed weight

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The current fast-paced world demands proper health and good fitness from its working individuals. So, it becomes important that you maintain good health and physique to succeed in your work. IF you are suffering from obesity and want to lose weight and become fit then you need to start exercising. You can go to a gym or any fitness training club for exercise but it’s not mandatory. If you do not have any time to go to a gym or do not have enough money to hire a personal trainer, then you need not have to worry. If you want to lose weight and get fit, then your bedroom is sufficient for burning calories. As reported by TheHealthsSite, Vinod Kumar, a fitness expert from Fairmont Jaipur talked about some of the best calorie burning exercises that an individual can do in his/ her own bedroom. So, here are some great weight-losing exercises you can do regularly in your own bedroom.


  1. Body weight squats: This is a very easy and an effective exercise. For a perfect squat position, you need to first stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Then you will have to put your hands behind your head or you can simply keep them forwards stretched. Then you need to come to a half-sit position or in simple words, sit back with your hips. Then, move up to the start position. This will make your knees and hips flexible.


  1. Regular pushups: For this, you need be in a high plank position with your hands kept flat on the floor shoulder width-apart. You need keep your legs straight and in line. Then push your body downwards in such a way that your elbow should be at around 45 degrees angle to your torso. The push your body upwards straight.


  1. Incline pushups: If you cannot do regular pushups, then you can just keep your feet on the floor and hands on the sofa chair or the edges of a bed and do the standard pushups.


  1. Declined pushups: This is a more interesting pushup. You have to keep your feet at a height, for example, on chair or sofa or bed and hands flat on the floor and then do regular pushups.


  1. Jumping squats: This is very easy and will burn a lot of calories. Start with the normal squat position with a step present in front of you. Then jump on to the step and ensure that you land in a squat position. Then jump back to your starting squat position.

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  • Yes. These are good exercises indeed. I have implemented these while I trained at Steel Gym in Hyderabad for my weight loss goal and they gave me desired results. Simple and informative article.

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