First heart transplant garners media attention at huge extent

heart transplant

The first heart transplant(human to human) was performed by South African surgeon Christiaan Barnard, This man created history and become the popular name around the world. The reporters rushed to Cape Town’s Groote Schuur Hospital while this historic surgery was ongoing.

This event attracted phenomenal media attention for this medical experiment and created an era where doctors and patients are becoming celebrities and led to medical PR and postoperative press conferences.

Though the event is one of the most famous of the 20th century, reporters were in wonder as this is the news where one lost the life is allowing another to get save. Barnard the man behind the pioneering operation became the celebrity overnight with the surgery. He was in news for every day, he seemed on magazine covers, met with dignitaries and film stars,  wherever he went attracted photographers and crowds.

However, the receptor patient diagnosed with pneumonia later died because of this. This is the time when the medical opinion was divided. Where many expert surgeons were ready to perform such transplants, Washkansky’s operation increased bewilderment of this star activity.

The history repeated more than 100 times in 1968. when above 100 heart transplant performed by 47 teams of doctors. Meanwhile, most of the recipients survived for a really short time. Many legal issues arose with the failure of surgeries or the short-term benefits of surgery.

Now the new interventions, which are life-extending and transformative are here to help out people with the heart transplant surgeries; but the change is not way smoother from Barnard’s pioneering operation to today’s surgery methods.

As the heart transplants were more controversial at the start which is perfectly normal as there is a code of conduct for doctors, the confidentiality of the patient and donor some of the important aspects which were getting printed on the newspaper while the first transplant performed by Barnard.

At present when heart transplant surgery, not a huge deal. In fact, the number of growing patients who are waiting for the heart transplant is has grown by 162 percent in a decade. The advanced technology in the medical sector made it possible. Although, approximately eight in ten people support the organ donation. Whereas many families do not allow there loved ones for the organ donations.

Despite the fact of the unwillingness of organ donation, now medical science has taken a step ahead of the norms by making the artificial heart. It will replace the human transplants by altering the associated risk. These pumps can be used with stem cells that would be injected first to revive the diseased muscle of the heart. The doctors are planning to make this product off-shelf and use it for humans by next year.

If this invention worked than many of the patients who die because of the unavailability of the donor, maybe get the chance to get treated, healed and recover from the heart disease or failure-prone cases.

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