First ever 'porous' liquid can absorb Carbon Compound and curb Global Warming

In an exceptionally breakthrough research, Scientists from the Queen’s University Belfast in UK have developed a first ever ‘porous’ liquid that can filter carbon compounds thus, cutting down the carbon levels in the atmosphere. The research is very significant seeing the current situation where the entire world is fighting against Global Warming and the ‘porous’ liquid could be a potential solution to it.

The specially designed liquid has large holes between the molecules in which carbon molecules can be absorbed, thus eliminating the carbon content from the atmosphere. The breakthrough advancement in the carbon capturing technology can pave the war for one of the world’s largest problem — global warming, eventually leading to a more cleaner and greener environment.

While explaining Stuart James from the Queens’s school of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering said that the ‘porous liquid’ contains permanent large holes or pores which can consume carbon compounds. He further added that materials with permanent holes are used in manufacturing several products including plastic bottles and petrol. However, all the materials with permanent pores are solid and no liquid product with such capabilities was developed yet. It is the first time that any team of researchers have developed a porous liquid.

Stuart further said that they started from the ground zero to design the product and finally after years of research they succeeded in developing a compound that was porous but exists in liquid state so that liquid could not fill up all the space. Once, researchers developed the liquid, they tested it and found that the porous liquid showed unprecedented capacity of dissolving gases. The liquid was able to consume large amount of gases.

Although the technology is still in its initial stages but with few more years of research and tweaks the liquid will have its application in several chemical processes. More importantly, it can be used to curb rising carbon levels by absorbing the gas which can eventually solve the global warming crisis.

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