First ever Guinness record in Science for India as 2k students performed in IIT
For the first time ever India has bagged Guinness record in the science after 2000 students participated in the international science meet for the 65 minute long experiment in IIT-D.

Indian students have made another Guinness record, this time for the largest practical science lesson ever conducted on Earth. A science lesson was conducted in IIT-Delhi on December 7 in which 2000 students from the Delhi-NCR schools participated to decolourise methylene blue and decompose hydrogen peroxide– an experiment held for nearly 65 minutes.

It is the first time that any Indian scientific body has registered its name in Guinness book of world records. Earlier, the record was with the Irish students in which 1,339 students participated and together performed a chemistry experiment that focused on catalysts.

The science experiment that made it to the Guinness records was conducted during India International Science Festival (IISF). The five-day science festival was organised by VIBHA at IIT-D. Also, it was the first time that VIBHA has organised any science meet in the Indian Institute of Technology.

Commenting on the feat, Science and Technology minister Dr. Harshavardan said that IIT was chosen just to give the young scientists a feeling of being at country’s one of the premium institutions which proved to be constructive and boosted confidence of students.

Students from class nine to 12 participated in the science experiment from forty schools and eight teachers guided them during the experiment. In addition, three preliminary mock tests were conducted before the final day on which record was made.

“We will call upon all students interested in scientific innovations. These students can discuss their ideas on the portal. VIBHA will identify PhD scholars who will mentor these young students,” explained Jayakumar, Secretary General of VIBHA.

While IIT Director encouraged the students and ministers as well, for the experiment and said that more such science meets should conducted in the country which will bring up some innovative minds.

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