Final proof of alien life as ancient city discovered on Mars, Watch Video

Final proof of alien life as Ancient city discovered on Mars, Watch Video

Alien hunters have found the final proof of extraterrestrial life on Mars. After series of mysterious finds, alien seekers have discovered a mind boggling evidence of alien life on the Red Planet. While scanning the Google Mars Map, YouTuber Luxor2012UFO has spotted an ancient alien city on Mars.

The city contains thousands of buildings and can support at least half million people. However, the city has been ruined long ago by some force.

Interested people can find 82°50’57.80″N 114°58’30.23″E coordinates on Google Mars map to see the city by themselves. The high-resolution images show several tall building standing in a cluster in the deserted area.

Final proof of alien life as Ancient city discovered on Mars, Watch Video

The buildings are very tall when compared to earth. Alien hunters estimated it to be 300m to 800m tall. According to UFO Sightings Daily editor Scott C Waring,  the city is very complex and looks like it once held a population of about half a million or more. The buildings look mostly intact and they are in huge number which means this is a city, if uninhabited, is ripe for the pickings, and would make any country that gets there first, 100% colonized and ready for living, thriving and growing on Mars.”

Final proof of alien life as Ancient city discovered on Mars, Watch Video

Earlier, alien hunters have spotted several objects to prove alien life on Mars including insects near Curiosity rover, UFO near ISS, carved face monument on Mars, alien missile on Mars, Greek God Pan, Machine used by aliens, two strange artifacts, gold ring and alien gloves, Gautam Buddha statue, and much more including alien city, drone, goblin face, etc.

Although several mysterious objects have been found on the Red Planet but nothing is like this ancient city. Conspiracy theorists are claiming it to be the best evidence of alien life.

Watch the video of an ancient city on Mars.

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