February 2020: Five Planets & More!

If you drag on your own outside prior to dawn and after that wait up until after sundown, you can find all five of the naked-eye planets. And the Winter Hexagon slides high at night skies.

This episode is funded by Celestron, supplier of top quality telescopes and also a market leader in establishing amazing optical items with advanced innovations.


There’s a great deal to see both prior to dawn and also after sundown throughout February, and also you’ll obtain a directed trip of the month’s highlights if you download this month or play’s Sky Tour episode.

Moon and 3 planets Feb 18-20 480p

In mid-February, a subsiding crescent Moon slides amongst Mars, Jupiter, and also Saturn in the predawn skies. For several customers in North America, the Moon really covers Mars on February 18 th.
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Early risers can quickly find Mars, Jupiter, and also Saturn in the predawn skies. They’re 3 brilliant signs over the eastern perspective.But which one is which? Listen to this month’s Sky Tour to figure out!

Meanwhile, Venus, is placing on a program in the southwestern skies after sundown. Get utilized to seeing Venus after dusk, since it’ll be with us at night skies up untilMay If you have a clear sight towards the western perspective, Venus will certainly assist you to the typically evasive Mercury, our planetary system’s inner earth.

Orion has an acquainted shapely form that makes this holy seeker simple to find at night skies, To Orion’s right, extending towards west, are the lower recognized constellations Eridanus, the River, and also Cetus, a sea beast in Greek folklore. Go much sufficient, and also you’ll run across the Great Square of Pegasus.

Orion belongs to a much bigger pattern recognized to stargazers as the “Winter Hexagon”. Start by visualizing Betelgeuse, the celebrity that mark’s the Hunter’s upper-left shoulder, as the facility of the hexagon. Arrayed around it are various other brilliant celebrities that map out the hexagon’s form. This month’s Sky Tour strolls you around the pattern and also recognizes each celebrity by name.

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