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If you are planning to expand your business and brand reorganization through Facebook Messenger Chatbots, then here is good news for you! Facebook Messenger Chatbots is going to receive the upgrade, and if the reports are to be believed, Facebook is going to add a new feature of Online Payment Mode in the Chatbots. Earlier this week, Facebook introduced a new online payment method for enabling merchants to sell products directly to the consumers on its Messenger app.

With the new update, Facebook Messenger will now allow the users to make payments directly through chatbots. It means, users with the new upgraded version of Chatbots will become able to make online payments through Messenger bots without leaving the Facebook Messenger application. By using the information of credit cards that the user has saved in to make instant purchases, Bots will take the payment procedure further.

The head of Facebook Messenger, David Marcus declared this news at the TechCrunch Disrupt 2016 even and also said that the latest update of the Messenger application would give 30,000 chatbots the capacity to acknowledge payment. The component will come as a part of the application v1.2. And it will soon be taking off to the clients. Facebook has not yet specified when the rollout of this new version of Facebook Messenger Chatbots in India.

To this news, Facebook has posted a statement that – “We’re kicking off the beginning of messages with payments that will allow businesses to sell products and services directly to customers in Messenger. Customers can check out with a few easy clicks, without ever leaving the Messenger app.”

The posted statement indicates that Facebook soon will monetize its free messaging app which is a leading e-commerce platform, used by more than billion people.

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