The famed BSF camel contingent

Google celebrated India’s 67th Republic Day through its doodle today. Google’s doodle showed a contingent of Border Security Force (BSF) marching on richly decorated camels. The camel contingent is a major force of attraction at the Rajpath.

The doodle from Google showed six colourfully adorned camels with bandsmen riding their back and playing martial music, marching elegantly in one neat row as they do on the ceremonial artery. Every single camel is carrying a letter of the word ‘Google’ on their golden apparel.

India’s BSF is the only force to use these majestic four-legged animals for both official and ceremonial duties. BSF used these camels for patrolling along the Indo-Pak International Border in Indo-Pak International Border in Thar Desert, Rajasthan.

This contingent first participated in the Republic Day celebration in 1976 by replacing a similar army squad which had been participating since 1950. The squad consists of 90-camel in which 54 are with the troops and the rest of camels with band personnel.

Initially, the BSF camel contingent skipped the Republic Day dress-rehearsals, which led to the assumption that they would not be participating. Eventually, the squad were brought in to the exercise a few days before the event.

The BSF camel contingent is is based in the border town of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan and is the inheritor of the heritage of the Bikaner Royal Camel Force, known as ‘Ganga Risala’.

Traditionally in a Republic Day parade, the first camel contingent showcases smartly dressed and large-moustached and armed BSF border guards followed by the second contingent consisting of bandsmen in beautiful multicolor dresses on the back of the camels playing martial music.

Previously, Google paid tribute by displaying doodle featuring ‘Jaanbaaz’, BSF’s motorcycle daredevils to mark the 65th Republic Day.

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