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Falcon 9’s explosive accident is still under investigation

Falcon 9s explosive accident is still under investigation

Previously ‘The Tecake’ reported the explosion of Falcon 9 on Thursday, during the testing of Amos-6 mission that had the aim of connecting parts of Africa with the social networking site, Facebook.

Facebook suffered a loss of $200 million, CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckenburg expressed his disappointment in a post, but he also assured that there are other techniques to connect the world, which are almost ready to be set in action. The rocket launch provider company SpaceX incurred $390 million loss as its Florida’s port destructed and the stock prices of two of its companies dropped by 5.3 and 9.1 percent of the companies Tesla and Solar City respectively, after the accident.

Investigation of the accident that took place at Florida’s Cape Carnival Air Force Station is in progress by NASA, US Air Force Federal Aviation Administration and by the Accident Investigation Team of SpaceX, though there is no new information about the cause of accident.

Space X, in a statement, said “Our number one priority is to safely and reliably return to flight for our customers, as well as to take all the necessary steps to ensure the highest possible levels of safety for future crewed missions”.

SpaceX was also supposed to take Falcon 9 to ISS (International Space Station) to provide the stock, after the accident NASA is afraid that it will have to wait for long to send the supplies, many other companies also seem to be standing in the line with nearly 70 launches, which were promised by SpaceX. There is another launch pad at California but it is not mend for all types of launches therefore the launch pad in Florida needs to be recovered, only after that the launches will be in progress.

Amos- 6 will take up to two years to be launched again but it will surely have a comeback. But before that Aquila would have provided the connection in many areas.

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