Do you faint frequently? Gasping and Sniffing can rescue you!

Here’s a new trick for people who faint very often, feel weakness and suffer from blackening out and visual disturbances while standing. According to new research, for people who face these problems should avoid standing for long period of time and also they should slow down their standing speed. In addition, researchers suggest that normal sniffing and gasping can prevent fainting episodes.

Marta Bavolarova, a cardiologist at Louis Pasteur University Hospital in Kosice, Slovak Republic, conducted a study to demonstrate that sniffing and gasping can have a huge impact on recurrent fainting and drastically reduce the fainting frequency.

For the study, researchers involved two women aged 62 and 56 years. Both the women were suffering from vasovagal syncope, a medical condition in which patient faints in general by prolonged standing or standing very quickly. The study authors tried to make both the women faint by performing head up tilt test. Soon, it was noticed that blood pressured started to drop. Then researchers asked the patients to gasp and sniff twice while keeping their mouths close and then breathe out. The study authors found that after those few tricks, heart rate and blood pressure did not fall further and patients avoided syncope.

Bavolarova said that little tricks like gasping and sniffing can prevent frequent fainting which is very dangerous to health. In addition, for patients whose who face weakness and visual disturbances can do leg crossing and hand grips as these counter pressure exercises can significantly increase heart  and blood pressure.

Moreover, frequent fainting episodes can adversely affect mental health which can lead to depression.

Bavolarova further added that the study is still in its preliminary stage and research on a larger scale is needed to confirm the findings.

The research was presented at the “Acute Cardiovascular Care 2015” conference in Vienna on October 17

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