The failure of rocket may result in delays in the moon missions of the Space Station of China

The failure of the Long March 5 rocket of China has a very rare demerit for the greatly successful space program of China which could result in the delay of the plans of bringing the moon samples back along with providing India, its rival a chance to take the lead in the rankings of space.

Research experts say that the unexplainable mishappening presents the fact that the space program of China is still not secured to the extreme diffoculties, risks, and challenges that are involved in the industry which also involves cut-throat technology inspite of all the success of the Chinese ventures.

“ The approach of China has been very prudent and slow. The  programs are always designed to prevent such type of failure,” inspite of the fact that they were aware of the occurrence sooner or later,”  an expert on the space program of China at the US Naval War College, Joan Johnson-Freese replied in an email.

The authorities and the experts add that  Long March 5 Y2  which took off on Sunday during the second launch of the rocket, faced an abnormality while the flight initiated its take off  which  later appeared to be a success from the Wenchang Space  Launch Center  which is present in the province of southern island of Hainan.the mishap is under  examination and stern  investigation. The authorities have not yet given their comment on the likely causes, or any side effects on the entire program.

The program of China, at present commands in a testimony  to the nation’s  high respect, the  failure which resulted in the drawing of far spread commentary in the community of the space studies which also includes the founder fo SpaceX and Elon Musk, the  chief executive  of the company, to tweet  on Sunday: “ Sorry to know about the failure in the launch today. I know and understand  how painful that is for the people who have relentlessly worked on it and built it.”

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