Facebook Reactions

In a latest study, it has been found that the recently added Facebook Reaction buttons next to the ‘Like’ button have failed to charm users.

The study was conducted by a social media analytics and benchmarking tool for professionals, Quintly. The analysts have found that “Reaction” emoticons are underused till date.

According to the report, Quintly filtered 130,000 posts and found that users rarely take the time to give their opinion about a post and prefer to simply “Like” it and scroll on.

The social media giant has added the five new “Reaction” buttons in February, allowing the users to display responses like sad, wow, angry love and haha.

Facebook Expressions

“About 97% of interactions consist of likes, comments, and shares. This simply shows how little the other reactions are used,” the findings showed.

Moreover, the research suggested that videos posted on Facebook received 40 percent more “Reactions” than images. And it seems that users prefer the “wow” reaction as it was used more frequently when dealing with videos. While, the “angry” reaction was used twice as much with video content when pitted against image content.

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