Facebook to roll out fresh hardware technology in its F8 conference in April

Youtube and FAcebook on secret mission

With the Facebook F8 conference which is to be held in the month of April this year, draws closer, the anticipation and speculation of what it would include this year is certainly huge.

As per reliable sources, Facebook has been working on at least four high-end advanced technology hardware project for some time now. The various advanced hardware technologies that the social media giant could be working on included next-gen camera, drone, Augmented Reality and a particular brain scanning technology. Previously hardware projects such as Oculus Rift in the Virtual Reality technology has been hugely popular among the masses, and now the company is all set to explore other futuristic hardware technology.

So much that Facebook has earmarked a complete facility called the Building 8 within its premises at Menlo Park, California just for working on these high-end hardware projects. The lab which is being used for the development of these projects is spread over a 22000 sq ft area and is involved in the designing, prototyping and modelling of each of the hardware projects cut out for mass production.

As per the statements released by the company so far it can be said that Facebook has been making an attempt at diversifying and extending its hardware product domain. The retailing of the various hardware products by the company has been a concern to the company due to the variations in the existing supporting technology in the different target markets across the globe. Even so, the report released by the company says, “Building 8 will include a big retail push complete with warehouse operations, different retail experiences, and a ‘global contact centre footprint.”

These hardware projects are expected to be the centrepiece of the upcoming F8 conference and would be unveiled to the public about their exact capabilities and features.

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