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The social networking giant, Facebook is losing its craze among teens and youngsters. According to a survey conducted in Hyderabad by TCS, Facebook has received a dip of 8 percent in usage from last year. Also, it stated that among city youngsters with 83 percent using it against 91 percent last year.

“Facebook leads from the forefront (used by 83%) followed by Google+ (used by 74%.) An interesting observation was that Google+ was more popular among young girls of the city (used by 78%) as against Facebook (used by 67% girls),” the TCS Youth Survey results announced today said.

As per the statistics say, Facebook leads the row with a recorded lion’s share of 91 percent youngsters, meanwhile, Google+ and Twitter follow the network with 72 percent and 47 percent of user base respectively.

The TCS Youth Survey is the biggest survey among youths across the country, which records digital habits of teens. While, the Generation Z, or commonly known as Gen Z was debuted in 1995, the current youth generation.

The company has been conducting surveys with the children under the age group 12-18 years across 15 cities, as part of its TCS IT Wiz Quiz. One of such quiz was conducted on 1,000 students from 50 schools in Hyderabad, which revealed that around 84% of youngster use smartphones as their electronic gadget. It was reported that the most preferred device to access Internet was laptops and desktops with 48 percent of users while 33 percent use their smartphones surf the web.

Vice president and global head, Technology Business Unit, TCS, V Rajanna said Gen Z youth of Hyderabad are socially collaborative, technologically aware and true Digital Natives. The data obtained from the annual survey will help in understanding the nature of our youth. It will create awareness in government that ‘which’ and ‘what’ efforts it should take to create learning opportunities, which further will help in creating better professionals of tomorrow. Ultimately it will lead to the development of our country, said Rajanna.

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