Facebook pays Indian hackers the highest amount for cracking Bug in 2016


Hacking in simple language is a part of cyber crime and is liable to punishment. But Facebook before 5 years launched a program in which it invites hackers to crack the bugs of its systems under the flagship of “The Bug Bounty hunters Program” and today the campaign completed its 5 years.

The Bug Bounty hunters program of Facebook completed the milestone of 5 years and celebrating the auspicious anniversary of this innovative program, the Chief Security Officer of Facebook revealed some enchanting facts about the program and the scales of payout which have been paid to the hackers from various corners of the world.

In a note posted on Facebook, Joey Tyson, the Chief security engineer of Bug Bounty program of Facebook posted statistics about the program and its major operation details, which is giving some major goals about the cyber activities and efficiency of global and domestic hackers.

As said by Facebook, the agency has paid more than $5 million rewards to over 900 altruistic hackers for cracking the bugs in the system and programming of Facebook. Since the social network launched its self-styled bug bounty program five years ago, more than 900 programmers have partaken in settling and breaking the bug and malware operations happened in the frameworks of Facebook, for which the organization is accounted for to pay more than $5 million in 5 years.

As a feature of bug abundance programs, Facebook offer cash reward and different prizes to security analysts or supposed white cap programmers who break into their PC frameworks and discover security gaps. The idea behind initiating these projects is to help the associations recognize security issues and alter them before criminal programmers misuse them. Surprisingly, among those 900 hackers, India is leading with the highest number of participants.

As per the posted statistics, in the first quarter of 2016, the Bug Bounty team of Facebook received over 9,000 reports about the system malware and security hole and paid a total amount of whopping $611,741 to 149 analysts from all over the world. But, India with the highest number of security analysts tops the list of countries based. In terms of payouts, India tops the lists while USA and Mexico are following it in the rundown.

Tyson also wrote that, Indian hackers have received the highest payouts since the initiation of The Bug Bounty hunters Program, followed by USA and Mexico. In the Facebook post, Tyson also said that in 5 years, the organisation has paid $5 million dollars to decent hackers who informed about different software bugs in the programming and coding systems of Facebook. It also pays out in BitCoins to the techies who choose cyber money. With the use of automated payment process, Facebook also has started paying the security researchers more quickly, and added an alternative for white hat hackers to choose the option of BitCoin digital currency.

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