Facebook Messenger topped 1 billion users: Check out how

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Messenger, Facebook’s home-based messaging app, has joined the 1 billion users club yesterday, as announced by its landlord Facebook. It has achieved that position which is still a daydream for other messaging apps.

Facebook’s Messenger after two years as standalone application hit one billion active users. Wednesday, Facebook officially announced regarding Facebook messenger topping one billion users after Messenger joined Facebook and Whatsapp. The mainstream social media site FB has described this achievement of the company as a milestone while thanking all the users for their love and support. Leaping from the edge of a usual social media site to a family app, Facebook Messenger has achieved this success in two years only.

More Highlights of this achievement

The continuous effort of Facebook to make its users download Messenger has truly rewarded. Despite all the kickback, Messenger only within two years of joining Facebook has multiplied the number of its users, hitting one billion users, which is quite remarkable. Now after achieving this milestone, Messenger has joined the club of one billion along with the leading social networking sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Google’s YouTube.

With this announcement, the messenger app also has achieved some more notable and impressive stats. According to the official source of the messenger, each month 17 billion photos and one billion messages are sent through Facebook Messenger. Moreover, people also frequently use this app to send their business messages. According to the calculation, 22 million GIFs and 380 million stickers are sent through Messenger each day, which is quite higher than other instant messaging apps. The newly upgraded platform of Facebook Messenger now empowered by18, 000 bots, and around 23,000 developers have logged in for Facebook’s Bot Engine.

Hopefully, joining the one billion club will open up more profitable platforms for Facebook messenger, while drawing more brands and developers towards its arena.

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