Is Facebook Messenger Day feature distracting and obtrusive?

messenger day

In the last couple of weeks, the Social media giant, Facebook has been making some seriously desperate attempt at changing things and shaking them up a bit on its website, on the mobile FB messenger and Whatsapp, IM that it owns now. In the newest bid to gain some user approval, it introduced the mobile version of Facebook Messenger Snapchat like the feature it calls Messenger Day.

The users were quick to show their discontent over the new feature citing it as distracting. The last similar change made to Whatsapp in the form of replacing the status option with Snapchat’s stories-like feature seems to have backfired, as the company is all set to put the text based availability status back into the app in the next versions.

Even though the new similar features, on Instagram which is also owned by Facebook is appreciated and well-received by the users. This new status feature involves and enables people to set their statuses in video or picture format that expires in 24 hours or so.

As per the trends that the company has been following for the past few months, it does seem like somewhere it has lost touch with what the user may or may not want. In an attempt to hog all the new features that are out there ruling the market, Facebook is seemingly inclined to use all of them on its mobile platforms.

Over the years, after Facebook went public in 2012, the concerns over how not to overload users with the advertisements and promotional content were severe. Now the new challenge seems to be the fact that users enjoy the UI of the messenger in a way that Facebook doesn’t need to make any drastic changes such as the Messenger day feature, for at least the next couple of years.

Although, the live video feature that Facebook has inculcated in both the desktop and the mobile version of the social media platform is something that has been hugely used and appreciated by users all over the world. Maybe, If the company puts a little more effort into gaining insight into what users want and not just following the latest fad in town, the user base of this very useful social platform would see a gradual increase.

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