Facebook Memorial Bug announces 2 million users dead including owner Zuckerberg

Facebook Dead

Facebook, On Thursday, mistakenly declared 2 million of its users dead and the news took the entire social media realm by storm. However, by acknowledging the error, Facebook later fixed the bug and declared it to be a “Terrible Error”.

On Thursday, for a short period of time, a message which is meant for memorialised profiles were erroneously posted to the account of live users, declaring them all to dead. In these 2 million users, the owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg was also included. Commenting on this matter, a spokesperson for Facebook addressed to media that – This was accidental and was a dreadful blunder that has now been fixed, and Facebook is apologetic for this unexpected bug.

Most of the Facebook users took to Twitter to report about this strange mistake. More tweets are found about the dead news of the still alive Facebook’s fellow benefactor and CEO Mark Zuckerberg as he was also memorialised in a message found at his profile. However, Facebook, later recognising the bug fixed it and expressed its sincere regret for the inconvenience.

As per the latest statistics published in the media, nearly two million wayward commemorations were posted on profile pages in which Mark Zuckerberg was also included. Afterward, the social networking site apologised and said it is due to an anonyms bug due to which such accident have had happened and soon the IT team will take the remedy to kick out the issue and delete the posts. Later, the programmer team of Facebook fixed the bug.

The editor of Search Engine Land, Mr. Danny Sullivan fired up on Facebook through his post on Twitter, which reads: “Damn. I should have used Facebook Live to show how I was Facebook Dead.”

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