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Facebook has made its annual nostalgic feature ‘Year in Review’ more personalized to hide the bad reviews. The company updated this feature in October for better services.

Your Year In Review gives a wrap up of all the good and bad memories of the past one year. Here you can edit and share your stuff with your friends and family.

Facebook spokesperson stated that they analyzed the feedbacks given last year and selected the photos that are most pleasant to people and make it easier for them to edit the photos. They applied a unique set of filters that will reduce the chance of them showing the photos that users don’t want. The special tool creates an automated slideshow of pictures at the end of the year.

Last year it turned out to be disappointing for some users, because it automatically picked some pictures with bad memories attached with it. It tends to choose dead ones as well as enjoyable ones too. Last year, Facebook apologized for such trouble to the users and this year upgraded it, where any photos that Fb suggests and are disliked by the users can be edited and you can enjoy yourself or share with any friends and family.

The tool uses the same setting as the ‘On This Day’ tool and block pictures. They won’t show pics where memorialized account or exes are tagged, friends who are not your friends anymore, and people who you have blocked or added to you on ‘On this day’ tool preference. Your year in review basically select photos that are most liked or commented ones. A user can edit by clicking on edit button to either change or adjust what they would like their friends or families to see. The feature was open from December 16.

This year Facebook has give people the control over the photos in their ‘Year in Review’ for people to enjoy and like the whole year synopsized.

Guys! Share the pics and have an unforgettable New Year.

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