Facebook lite has more than 200 million monthly active users base

Facebook lite has got more than 200 million active users in its pocket

The lite version of Facebook has crossed 200 million monthly active users. This lite version was designed by Facebook itself in order to make the users more comfortable. The main objective of this initiative was to provide the users with a better experience of Facebook, where the internet connections are poor or weak.

Facebook lite is nothing different, it can be considered as a slim version of the main Facebook application. The main Facebook application is full of various data and features, which makes it a bit heavier to use in Smartphones having low RAMs. In June 2015, this lite version of the Facebook application was launched. As compared to the Facebook application, Facebook Lite consumes less storage memory which is even less than 3 MB.

This initiative started by Facebook helped many users from different core places, where the bandwidth of the internet was very low. Facebook Lite also consumes very low data as compared to the main Facebook application. Apart from that, Facebook Lite supports 50 or more varieties of languages. It has earned its popularity in more than 150 countries and is still counting. According to a statistic report, countries like Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America etc seems to have a large number of Facebook Lite users.

In a recent post, Mark Zuckerberg shared his love towards the users of Facebook and thanked them for their positive response towards Facebook. He stated that a lot of features are under development which will reduce the complexity of the Facebook application. He even praised the increasing users of Facebook Lite. “Some more features are going to be integrated into the Facebook Lite which will increase the reliability and speed of the application”, said by one of the top-level executives of Facebook.

Facebook Lite has many options which provide an excellent user-interface characteristic while using it. Users can like, share and comment on their Facebook Lite application. Even they can browse their newsfeeds and can message to their friends through this application. So overall, Facebook Lite provides every facility, which is offered by the main Facebook application, in a lite manner. If the users can have a better Facebook experience with less space and less data which will be very smooth to handle, then it is obvious that the users of Facebook Lite will gradually increase with the time. Today it crossed only 200 million active users per month, but soon it will reach to billions of users.

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