Facebook to launch professional network against LinkedIn


According to some of the reports Facebook, is creating yet another social networking site that has only one aim of connecting professionals around the world. The social networking giant is looking forward to building a service just like the LinkedIn. According to the reports, this new social networking website is no different than the current Facebook, it has the same UI and all other features.

The workplace networking from the Facebook will be no different than the existing system, but will allow users to have a separate profile that would reflect their professional skills or the company they work in. Comparing number of users at LinkedIn with that of Facebook, the workplace social networking can actual prove to be a good deal for the company.

As per the BBC, the product is already in development and insiders have already been able to use it for the testing purposes. Because Facebook is having large number of users, the company can prove to be a strong competitor against the Google Drive, Microsoft Office and LinkedIn.

Talking about the numbers, there are about the 320 million professionals at the LinkedIn from nearly 200 countries. The amount is surely is no minimal, but when compared with the number of the users at the social networking giant, LinkedIn can have its services stalled.

If reports are to be believed, Facebook is apparently going to offer more services than the LinkedIn or Google Drive. It will be having a built in free project management tool; that would have professionals track their progress and the bugs.

In the month of the September, Facebook was standing high nearly 1.35 billion users around the world.

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