Facebook introduces ‘Sell’ button for groups

Facebook Sell button in groups Tecake

Facebook has announced a new feature that will allow the social networking giant’s users to sell and buy used and or new products on the Facebook itself. Just like any other service such as OLX and eBay, Facebook is also offering its users to sell and buy products online.

The feature has been added considering the amount of selling and buyer groups active on the social networking giant’s website. It will allow the users to add their listing with an appropriate price, with an extra information about the product availability. There is a new “Sell” button, which along with other required information such as the description, images and details can be used to sell the products online. All the goods will be having an available or sold icon for users to know its availability, and they can also see the catalogue of items that have been sold previously.

However, there are certain limitations that Facebook still needs to work on. The feature is only available for those selling and buying in groups; it can be relatively hard if you are looking for a particular group to purchase the product. For now there isn’t also a way that can help users to find the right product.

Facebook is expected to release it in the coming few months. However, it seems like the social networking giant is trying to compete with the existing online marketplaces. Selling and buying is apparently going to be much easy with Facebook for the fact that there is more reach, and people are more active.

There are possibilities that the company will start charging its users to ‘Boost’ their ad so as to get more views and reach. However, in any case other websites, including eBay, are going to have their business affected by it.

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