Facebook has lost its popularity among modern kids- survey

According to a more recent survey, Facebook has lost its dominance as a social networking platform among the kids. The survey that was conducted taking seven hundred forty-three residents of the United States within the age range of thirteen to seventeen, pointed out that Facebook is not even within the top 3 social networking sites mostly used by kids.

Facebook has been dominated by other social networking platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube in terms of popularity. Most of the teens use these social networking sites and tend to identify these as the most used social sites on their list. Higher numbers of teens, near about eighty-five percent, reportedly use YouTube whereas around thirty-five percent of teens use SnapChat.

It cannot be told whether YouTube has replaced Facebook. Youtube does not even come in the same category as that of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. These social networking sites are kind of, the more fundamental ones where people tend to post the happenings of their life whereas YouTube is an instance of content consumption as a third party. Of course, YouTube is a social platform and people do upload their videos but it mostly comes under the category, which houses Netflix, Spotify, and Twitch.

However, the survey does not provide a clear picture of what apps teens actually use more as it does not include the instant messaging apps like iMessage and Whatsapp. That being said, the survey poses no doubt in the sharp drop of kids using Facebook from seventy-one percent to fifty-one percent, as estimated from the year 2015. There has even been a sharper decline of teens who regarded the social networking media as their frequently used social platform, from forty-one percent in the year 2015 to ten percent at the present.

The study’s lead author, Monica Anderson said in a statement that the environment of social media has changed among the teens over the last 3 years. She further said that earlier the kids used Facebook mostly but at the present, they do not tend to stick to a particular social networking medium.

The study also found that the kids belonging to low-income families tend to use Facebook more as compared to the kids of average or high-income families. According to the study, one-third of the subjects taken in the survey said Facebook had a positive impact in their life whereas a quarter said it had a negative impact. Around forty-five percent of the subject said the impact was neither negative nor positive.

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