Facebook asks its employees to opt for Android devices over iOS

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Facebook has now started forcing its employees to use android devices rather than opting for an iOS device. The chief product officer at Facebook said that he knows what he is doing and has got practical reasons do so. He also stated that he knew that it might worsen Facebook’s relations with Apple Inc., but justified that the reason doesn’t lie in his company’s better relation with Google instead of Apple.

Chris Cox, chief product officer at Facebook asked the employees which he heads, to ditch the iOS and start using Android devices. He reasoned that most of the people around the world are using Facebook in Android devices, therefore, his employees should also use the same platform.

As the majority of people  are using so that it would be easier for him to know the bugs and what are the new updates that are actually required. Cox has also announced that the employees won’t be using the developer’s version, but the original app that is being used by the commoners. Cox revealed the reason behind the switching in a press conference so that Apple lovers and the company itself may not take it otherwise.

Facebook is not only the world’s largest social networking site and after it joined hands with WhatsApp Inc., it has become world’s most popular chat messaging service as well. As of now, Facebook already has 1.5 billion of people around the globe in its user base. While, the firm is planning to attract more users by featuring its Android app, as amongst all other smartphones operating systems Android stands at 82.8 percent, whereas iOS holds second position in the list with only 13 percent users.

However, reports suggest that in the year 2014, there were 84 percent of Android users throughout the globe, which got reduced to 82 percent by 2015. Cox believes that if the company can cover these 82 percent users, it would reach almost every smartphone user. That is why the chief product officer is so much biased  towards making its employees, using Android device.

The commonly reported issues in Facebook’s Android App are:

  • Heavy size
  • High RAM usage
  • High-speed internet required

As a result, the firm has introduced its Facebook Lite app, which is merely 1.38 MB, works best on 2G, and consumes a negligible amount of RAM.

Facebook has also started 2G Tuesday plans for its employees. According to the plan, when an employee comes to the office on Tuesdays they would see a notification on their handsets, which prompts that whether they want to use 2G. By enabling the option, the employee uses Facebook services at a 2G speed, which helps to know the problems faced by the people using 2G Internet.

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