Facebook encourages blood donation in India with its new feature

Facebook feature for blood donation in India

Blood donation has been the topic in our country for which severe organisations are working for, to raise awareness and save more lives. Meanwhile, Facebook is all set to launch its new feature regarding the issue, on 1st October.

Facebook is about to launch a blood donation feature which will connect the donors to the blood banks and even the person who is in need. The feature, which is designed for India, will launch on Sunday.

Facebook users who are willing to donate blood can sign up as donors, then they will be asked for the blood group and whether they have donated blood before or not. Also, if someone is in need, then the individual can generate a particular kind of post which will contain the information like required blood group, contact person name and number and hospital name so that the donors can contact quickly.

Ritesh Mehta, Head of Programs for Facebook South Asia, said that India faces the problem of shortage of safe blood, like many other countries. So the people turn to Facebook and WhatsApp to find the donors.

Hema Budaraju who is Product Manager, Health, Facebook said that the critical information of donors such as blood group and whether they have donated the blood or not. These will remain private, and the user can set it to only me by default. Also, people can share donor status on their timelines.

Blood banks, hospitals, health industry experts, and people who have used Facebook to find blood donors, are informed about to the new initiative from Facebook. The unique feature will be rolled out in India first and will be available on Android and Mobile Web.

Once the request is created, Facebook will notify the blood donors automatically, who may be nearby. Also, Donors can contact the requestor directly through WhatsApp, Messenger, or a phone call.

As stated in The Hindu, at the national level, there is a requirement of 1.2 crore blood units per annum. But the country grapples with 10% to 20% shortage overall, with some states showing a shortfall, and a few others collecting excess blood units, according to Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

Facebook’s blood donation feature is a great initiative by the company, Which can help many people and save many lives. Please make awareness regarding the same to make people learn about new possibilities.

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