Facebook doubles reward for reporting bug in its ad code

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Facebook has doubled its reward for developers who finds vulnerability in the company’s advertising system. Reward was raised to $1000 from $500 after completing a comprehensive security audit. In a blog post Facebook stated that bounty has risen to encourage white hat hackers for pointing out bugs in their advertising network. “Would like to encourage additional scrutiny from Whitehats to see what we may have missed.” Collin Greene, a security engineer at the social media wrote in a blog post.

Whitehats have reported vulnerabilities in Facebook on several occasions under the bug bounty program including redeeming the same ads coupon multiple times without expiry and retrieving name of an unpublished Page via the Ads Create Flow by guessing its Page ID. Since 2011 the social networking giant has given nearly $3 million as a reward till date, Greene wrote.

“Since the vast majority of bug reports we work on with the Whitehat community are focused on the more common parts of Facebook code, we hope to encourage researchers to become more familiar with the surface area of ads to better protect the businesses that use them,” Greene wrote.

A new detailed guide was published by the company to make submission of a newly found bug easier. The guide deals with description, reproduction and impact of the bug.

Last week Facebook launched “Safety Check”, a new security tool that allows users to inform their friends and family about their safety  in case of natural disaster. “During crises the Internet can be a powerful tool for sharing vital information and connecting people with their loved ones. The Safety Check tool is designed to serve the Facebook community when it matters most,” Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a statement.

Analysts and experts described this move as a part of the biggest social networking site’s strategy to expand its ever increasing advertisement network counter its biggest advertisement rival Google. Google adsense has been undisputed king in advertisement network since its launch in 2003.


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