Facebook Again Clones Snapchat, Introduces Group Video Chat for Mobile and Desktop Version

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Despite being a small social networking site ‘Snapchat’ seems to have a high influence on the largest social networking site “Facebook”. Over the entire year, the Mark Zuckerberg-owned company has kept on following and partially copying Snapchat and its features. But this time, it is not a just replica- it is something bigger and shocking. Facebook as rolled out a Snapchat-like Group Chat Video to its messenger app for both mobile and desktop version.

After upgrading its Messenger App with new camera-focus feature, 3D masks, and text-based artwork, Facebook now has added a new video calling feature to its social media app. The new feature will allow the Messenger users to enjoy Group Video Chat. Facebook’s new Group Video Chat has been rolled out to both Android and iOS alongside the Web Version Worldwide.

By upgrading their existing Messenger App to the new version, the Facebook users will be able to do a video call in a group of maximum six people. Though the user will only be able to see maximum six people during a video call, but up to 50 users can join the chat via text, voice or camera feature.

As per the statement, given by Facebook on its news post, “Once the user ended up adding 6 people on the video call, other participants will only be able to see the dominant speaker”.

In order to initiate a group video call on Facebook Messenger, users have to go to a previously opened group chat, or they can also create a new group chat. Once the conversation page is opened, the users need to click on the video icon located on the top-right of the monitor or mobile screen. Once the call initiated, all the group members will be notified of the call and can join the chat through a single click, Facebook said in its News Post.

Users will also be privileged with the option to call some selected participants or the entire group, confirmed the parental company.

Along with the addition of Group Video Call Feature, Facebook is also adding a new feature to its Messenger app which will enable the users to change the default background of the text-based conversation. It means, with the new version, Messenger users will be capable of changing the background color of their text-only posts on Facebook. Since long, we have been seeing Facebook with a pure and simple aesthetics. But now, the largest social media platform will be more colorful and vivid.

Facebook in its News Post claimed the New Group Video Chat Feature to be the “Most Requested Feature Ever”. While the competitors of Facebook, including Google Hangout and WeChat are already compatible with Group Video Chat, the addition of Messenger to this list will give the Mark Zuckerberg-Firm a new mileage.

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