Facebook To Bring New Updates: Fixes The Misallocations In Its Live Video and One More Metric

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Facebook, the largest social media platform of the world has publicised the report of adding multiple updates to its two major matrices in order to kick out the error. This is for the third time that the company has admitted the measurement errors in its Metrics. On Friday, Facebook announced about bringing up multiple new updates to some of its metrics. While one of the updates is likely to be a minor part of the common development of the Facebook’s programming, the rest two updates are intended to fix the misallocation issues of its Video metrics and the inconsistency in the measurement of the Like and Shares.

In the last couple of months, various errors of Facebook have come to limelight. Despite running on a well-programmed and authoritarian system, the issues in the metrics of Facebook’s system have been clearly notable. However, to fix all such issues, Facebook has brought up new updates to its Video metrics, Share and Like Buttons.

One month Prior, Facebook admitted the misreported measurement across four products, including Instant Articles, video, and Page Insights because of bugs and errors in the program. Once again, in September, the social media leader confessed the blunder of miscalculation of video view metrics over the years.

Recently, Facebook identified an inconsistency between the number of Like and Share buttons and the counts when you put a URL in the search bar of it. Later, the social media giant admitted the discrepancy between these two metrics and declared the wrong measurement of the corresponding numbers and expected it to be higher or lower in some particular cases.

However, in order to fix these major issues, Facebook on Friday announced new updates and said; both errors will be rectified through the new software.

On its official blog, Facebook stated, “The new fix for this issue will be applied through the new updates. From the mid of December, the new program will be applied to all the recently created Live videos. The aim behind the fix program is to improve the “Reactions on Post” by 500% on an average basis and to drop off them on “Reactions from Shares of Post” by 25% on average. However, the actual impact of the fix to specific videos may vary in some cases.”

“Our team is already working to work out this metrics errors so that the ‘Like and Share button metrics’ will be consistent with the ‘mobile search query metrics.’ As soon as we have the update, the partners will be notified,” the company further added.

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