Facebook app for Windows 10 rolled out officially

Facebook App for Windows 10

After Android and iOS platforms, Facebook app is now officially available for Windows 10 users as well. Microsoft announced that the Windows 10 users can directly install the app to their devices from the official sources.

Previously, the Windows 10 users have to download third-party apps to access their facebook accounts. These apps annoy the users with ads and sample apps. it means free of the ads and sample apps that PC makers tend to pack onto new machines. Those ads have come to be known by the not-so-endearing terms of “crapware” or “bloatware.”

But now the official app provides a clean platform to the users and make the use of social networking easier from their Windows 10 devices. The app will be available for all modes of devices like PC, tablet or an hand-held smartphone, which runs on Windows 10 operating system.

Facebook revealed that the app is being developed and published by the company itself, unlike the previous version which was developed by Microsoft.

The Redmond giant has long awaited for the official Facebook app for Windows 10, however, it is now in beta.

“Facebook is now turning its attention to the Windows 10 platform, as it released a beta version of its Windows 10 application into the Windows Store,” reported.

The new version of the desktop app features an in-app browser, GIFs for group conversations, and direct messaging along with Live Tiles that highlight new information without having to open the apps. Early beta testers had a lot of good things to say about it, but now you can try it yourself.

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