Who Deleted Me TeCake

The Facebook users now have an option to get notified on their mobile phone if any of their friends removed from the friend list. The Facebook app, ‘Who Deleted Me’ has rolled out its Android and iOS app so that its users can now keep track on their friend list on their smartphones.

The app developers explained that their app can’t provide information regarding the people who have unfriended the user earlier than its installation.

The new mobile app is quite similar to ‘Who Unfollowed Me’ app for Twitter, which keeps track on the users’ followers and notifies them whenever a friend/follower has deactivated its account, unfollowed them or deleted permanently.

Who Deleted Me app was previously available on Facebook until April¬†2015, it is, however, removed from there due to changes in Facebook’s policies.

The manufacturer has also provided an option for non-smartphone Facebook users, they can simply add an extension to their browsers to use its features.

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