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Facebook APK v306. Download Today for free!

Facebook APK

Bored at home? Need friends to pass time and socialize but don’t have the access. Don’t Worry. We have brought you the safest platform to socialize and make new friends easily. Read the whole article below and Download Facebook APK using the link provided.


If we talk about the oldest socializing application, then Facebook is the only application that pops up on everyone’s mind. Facebook is used by individuals all over the globe for social networking and fun. Thanks to its faster mobile results, things were a lot simpler with the Facebook Apk app for Android. Because of its fast browsing on the go, communication was never so quick and simple before the FB app.

From grandparents to parents,  elder or younger, Everyone has access to FB these days. Uploading pictures and videos have also become very easy. Through installing or upgrading the app, you can now share about your activities in the fastest and simplest way possible. Besides, staying away from family isn’t tough anymore. Your family members are just one click away from you. You can constantly chat with them or do video calls any time you want to.

So download Facebook Apk application for free and socialize with ad free experience.

Use the link given below!

Facebook Apk: Details

Name Facebook APK
Size 40.5 Mb
Latest Update February 2021
Price Free
OS All Android versions
Version 306.
MOD feature Available
Google Play Link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.facebook.katana

Download Now

Features of Facebook Apk

Ad Free Experience:

Bored and irritated of the ads that comes in between your fun? Don’t worry we have got the best version of Facebook to you. Now you can have adds free videos in Facebook Apk without paying an extra penny. Ads generally consume more data while watching something and they disturb the fun as well. This version has the potential to block the adds that might pop up in between you watch something.

Perhaps this APK version provides you the best feature and you definitely don’t have to pay anything for this.

Connect and Socialize:

People who download this edition of the Facebook APK would gain a significant advantage. You can have one-of-a-kind network, with which you can communicate with your friends and gain access to all of the cool features. With so many users to meet in this Facebook Apk, you can certainly post and update your moments very quickly.

We can absolutely assure you that this app is highly addictive and you can use the messenger to text and call your friends. You can quickly search for someone here, and you can now watch the latest news stream in this apk. With Facebook Apk’s notification function, you will receive the most recent notifications on user messages on your post as well as notifications on new releases.

Separate App for Messaging:

The another part of Facebook Apk is the Messenger. This application helps you to connect to people more easily in just few clicks. This application is specially designed to support Facebook. One can chat and do video calls with the close friends in the most easiest way.

You can also share stories and statues and see other peoples statues as well using this application.

Security and Privacy:

Facebook Apk is definitely the safest application to use. The regular updates have improved the safety and security of this app. So no more creepy messages from unknown persons. Also, you can lock your profile and only known people can send you requests. You can avoid unwanted messages by just tapping the block and report button. Hence, this is the best yet the safest platform to socialize with the out side world in these tough situations.

Mini Games:

Get ready to enhance your experience with Facebook Apk more. This app has mini games which you can play with your friends, maintain score boards and earn rewards as well. Certainly, the fun is double now. You can chat as well as play with them online. This feature is definitely a fun feature making this app go All-in-one.

Key Points:

  • Set Facebook statuses and use Facebook emoji to help relay what’s going on in your world
  • Share images, videos, and your favorite memories on your social media network
  • Connect with friends and family and make new friends over internet.
  • Get notified when someone likes or comments on your posts.
  • Make plans to catch up with friends at nearby social gatherings.
  • Enjoy games with some of your Facebook mates.
  • Save pictures in folders as backups
  • To keep up with the latest news from your favorite bands, blogs, and businesses, follow them on Facebook Apk.
  • Look up small businesses to see ratings, hours of service, and photos.
  • On Facebook Apk, you can also buy and sell goods locally.
  • You can also watch live videos on the go.


Many people are interested in Facebook, and this apk is proving to be a fun and useful tool for them to expand their Facebook profile. There chances of accurately identifying someone on Facebook has increased. Moreover, many new features have been introduced. Above all,  the bugs and issues observed in earlier versions of Facebook Apk have been resolved,

Facebook APK is a unique virtual mode to hear from someone close indeed attracts many users worldwide.

This Facebook APK is definitely downloaded by so many Android users who wish to use Facebook easily and ads free. Indeed, the demand for this mod’s app has grown. and the pace at which this APK is being downloaded is growing as well. Users should be assured and download this apk as soon as possible since their account and personal information will be protected. The new Facebook apk would undoubtedly appear to be a quite a useful tool.

Hence, download today and start making friends!

How to Download Facebook Apk:

  • Firstly, delete the pre-existing or previously downloaded Facebook Original Application.
  • Secondly, download the Facebook APK application using the link provided below.
  • Allow your device to install from the unknown sources.
  • Now, install the Facebook APK app in your smartphone.
  • That’s it! You are now ready to enjoy the app.

Download Link:

APK Link: https://apkpanda.com/facebook/com.facebook.katana/download/306.

Facebook Apk: FAQs

1. Is this application as safe as the original one?

Yes, this application is safe to use.

2. Does this application have any age restrictions?

Yes, it is advised for the users above the age of 18.

3. Will Ads still disturb while using this application?

No, you can use this app without any disturbance. It is the key feature of this APK application.

4. Can I share my account with other users?

No, one id can be used by only one person to maintain the safety and privacy.

5. Is this application free to use?

Yes, this is absolutely free and can be downloaded form the link provided in this article.

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