Facebook announces major change in ranking the public content based on surveys

Facebook announces major change in ranking the public content based on surveys

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook has recently announced in one of his posts on the social networking website about the company’s one of the significant focus areas for the year 2018. Facebook was initially built to help people stay connected together and interested in the activities of the people who mattered to them. On the contrary, the News Feed of the people has started shifting from posts by their family and friends, to content from businesses, brands and media. The feed shows more of the public contents instead of what Facebook was initially developed for — helping people connect with each other.

Facebook targets by this year, the announced significant change will help the Newsfeed to show more of personalised posts and less of the public content. In addition to that, the public content will be ranked according to its quality and trustworthiness. Mark Zuckerberg made the said announcement in a post he uploaded on Friday evening, just before the business closes on East Coast. The Friday press releases are usually the ones which the company doesn’t intend to put on much limelight. The reason might be that Facebook did not announce any deadlines for the change to occur, hinting it will be implemented progressively.

Zuckerberg, on the method for content ranking, says, “We could try to make that decision ourselves, but that’s not something we’re comfortable with.” So instead of doing it entirely on their own, they will involve the views of their valued users, by means of surveys and behavioural observations to determine what they prefer among their varied interests. The company subtlely hints of its democratic nature in the work environment, giving its users an upper hand in making any critical decisions for the business, hence showing people that they are the ones who matter the most to the company.

The move will also save the social media platform from any government regulations, by distancing itself from the final calls and declaring that the scores of the surveys are the result of its user polls and it remains a neutral hosting platform, such a smart move by Facebook!

Zuckerberg also writes in his post, “we will now ask people whether they’re familiar with a news source and, if so, whether they trust that source. The idea is that some news organisations are only trusted by their readers or watchers, and others are broadly trusted across society even by those who don’t follow them directly.”

The change in the way the new user feed is shown will potentially benefit the publications whose content is unconceited and also who avoids covering the subjects that include politics or race. Neutral publishers will win over the controversial ones, leading to a more desirable experience while using the social media platform. Wondering when will other platforms employ a similar policy for content filtering.

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