Extraterrestrial life may exist, says scientist

Alien life or extraterrestrial life might be possible, believes renowned astrophysicist Jayant V. Narlikar. On Monday, while delivering a Space Physics Laboratory (SPL) Day lecture on ‘Searches for life outside the earth’ as part of the Space Physics Laboratory Day, Prof. Narlikar talked about the possibility of the existence of life beyond our earth. Narlikar said that there are some bacteria living in high altitude on earth that have got extraterrestrial roots.

Recently, ISRO conducted experiments at high altitudes with the help of balloons and successfully detected three different types of extraterrestrial bacteria. This indicated that life outside earth may be possible. Out of those three extraterrestrial bacteria, one was named after ISRO. Its name was Bacillus isronenesis. Scientists say that these three bacteria detected through experiments were not identified on earth so far. The experiments were conducted by Prof. Narlikar in collaboration with ISRO with the aim to search for extraterrestrial life.

 According to Prof. Narlikar, extraterrestrial life could be there outside Earth because the basic building blocks of life might exist in some of the celestial bodies in other galaxies. So, scientists need to experiment an more and do more research and analysis to get more information about extraterrestrial life. Prof. Narlikar, a vocal supporter of the possibility of extraterrestrial life, is hopeful that soon scientists would be able to get conclusive evidence about the presence of alien life beyond Earth. Prof. Narlikar said, “With modern technological advancement, we will be able to provide conclusive evidence for the presence of life outside the confines of the earth in the near future.”

But Narlikar also knows that there will be many challenges that the scientists will face in providing experimental evidence of extraterrestrial life through space exploration. The main challenge will be the distance. In order to get conclusive evidence about alien life, scientists would have to look into the near galaxies and to travel there, an enormous amount of time is required, even if with the most advanced space vehicle. So, that remains a concern. But the search for extraterrestrial life should go on and advanced experiments needed to be done for the quest of alien life.

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