What an expression? Humans fail in front of this one-of-a-kind Japanese robot

What an expression? Humans fail in front of this one-of-a-kind Japanese robot

Trust the Japanese to come out with eerie human-like androids with a neutral network which makes a robot’s features to come alive and thereby making them to react to outside stimuli. This is done with the help of a central pattern generator.

The robot, named alter, is said to go live at the National Science Museum in Tokyo, in an exhibit, pretty soon.

The CPG’s neutral network is a machine replica of the neuron activity of the humans. Thus it makes it possible for the robot to imitate the human movement patterns with the help of its sensors and makes it respond to temperature changes like humidity and proximity.

What is the End-Objective?
It is to enable robots to monitor and control their movements and twitches on their own. “Choas” is the term coined by the Researchers from Tokyo University and Osaka University to indicate the human looseness.

What are the unique features of Alter?
1) His head and arms will also respond to stimuli other than this face.
2) And there is a switch which monitors the mode in which the robot operates. (Conventional or Chaos) but it is left to the discretion of Alter. He can decide when to don the human mask as its sensors will react to the environment readings and judge accordingly.
3) Alter can sing and also bring out a mellifluous sine-wave melody which freaks the people.
4) Above all, Alter’s CPG stands apart to any of the above mentions. It replicates the human neural network behavior in a synonymous fashion and makes sure that a chain reaction takes place and ensuring Alter’s unique and signature movements.

Professor Kouhei Ogawa from the University of Osaka says that “Alter doesn’t look like a human. It doesn’t move like a human. However, it certainly has a presence”.

Japan has always been known for its wealth of ideas and research in the arena of Robotics making it sit on the top of the country’s robotic inventions.

What awaits is the Robotic Olympics, which will hit Japan pretty soon.

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