Explaining 3 Common Cybercrimes

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APT is a type of attack format in which the attacker gains the access to a device or a network and stay unexposed for a long period. By staying into the network, the criminal steals data and may destroy the system. The major targets for these types of attacks are newer devices such as ATM and PoS machines, smart cities and connected cars.

The rise and growth of the internet has, for the most part, made the world a much better place. It allows for people to remain in contact with one another even if the whole world separates them, it allows business owners to run their organizations remotely, and it even allows patients to receive medical attention without having to head to the doctor’s surgery.

For all the good things the Internet has done, however, it has befallen the world with a whole new problem to deal with: cybercrime. Despite it not being a physical plight, the impact of this kind of criminality can be devastating. It is crucial, then, that you are aware of all the different types of cybercrime so that you can then take action in preventing it.

To find information on three of the most common cybercrimes, be sure to read on.


Despite being one of the oldest form of cybercrime, malware is continuing to haunt tech users to this very day. Otherwise known as malicious software (the name says it all, in truth), this kind of cybercrime entails systems being infected with harmful programs and pieces of software such as worms, viruses, and trojans.

When it comes to spotting malware, you’re going to want to keep an eye out for Word documents, PDFs, and .exe files that do not look legit. Don’t click on anything you are uncertain about, and don’t download email attachments unless they are from trusted sources.


When buried deep, ransomware grants the hacker wielding it with the chance to destroy all of the system’s data at their will. These criminals won’t delete the data until they get the financial reward they are asking for, however, which is where this strand of malware gets its name.

What sets ransomware apart from other cybercrimes is the fact that it locks users out completely from their data. This achieved thanks to asymmetric encryption, a type of cryptology that can lock and unlock systems at all. In order to defend yourself against this tech plight, it is essential that you:

  • Make use of encryption security software — for more information on the kind of decryption tools on offer, specifically, make sure to check out McAfee’s site
  • Back up your data religiously
  • Practice safe surfing
  • Stay informed and updated on all the latest threats and protective measures


MITM (man in the middle) cyber attacks are becoming increasingly common. This entails criminals hacking into and exploiting non-encrypted wireless connections, such as those found in public places, and impersonating users to divulge personal data from other unexpecting tech users. In order to protect yourself against this plight, make sure to err on the side of caution when connected to public Wi-Fi, taking extra care not to click on links that do not look legitimate.

Financial gain, political or social agendas, intellectual challenge — these are just some of the reasons why cybercrime takes place. Regardless of the reason why it befalls you, if it ever does befall you, you have to resolve to prevent it at all costs. Now that you are aware of the specific categories of this kind of criminality, you will find yourself better situated to do just that.

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