Exhibit Your Love for Planet by Celebrating “Earth Hour 2017”; Keep Your Lights Turn Off For an Hour

Earth Hour 2017

Contribute your 60 minutes from the entire year to protect our Mother Planet – Earth; Join forces for “Earth Hour” today, from 8.30p.m to 9.30p.m.

Many regions of the world will go shadowy for an hour on Saturday night as more than 170 countries and territories, and their populace will support the cataclysmic global environmental event – Earth Hour today. In a bid to promote the biggest ecological event and protect Earth, World Wide Fund for Nature has called for millions of people to participate in the event, called Earth Hour and keep their lights switch off for an hour today, from 8.30p.m to 9.30p.m.

The motto of this year’s Earth Hour is to unite people from all walks of life, cap the growth of population, and maintain a protective shield for the Earth. For celebrating the event, World Wide Fund has called for all households, communities, rural areas, urban societies, cities, hotels, educational institutes, and businesses to keep their lights off from 8:30 p.m. local time for to 9.30p.m for celebrating Earth Hour.

Earth Hour is an expression of commitment to combat climate change. The celebration of Earth Hour started in 2007, and 2017 marks the 10th anniversary of the event.  Among the locations, where Earth Hour is going to have an effect are: the Empire State Building, the Space Needle, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Colosseum in Rome, the Pyramids of Egypt, the Sydney Opera House and the Eiffel Tower. However, apart from these places, World Wide Fund has requested people from all parts of the world to join forces in protecting the earth.

The one big agenda, upon which this year’s Earth Hour stands at, is – “to unite people, communities, households, and businesses to protect our Earth, to prop up a moderate contamination, and clean energy future.” “Turning off lights will not affect the emission of greenhouse gases. But it will be a symbolic gesture for showing one’s love for the earth”, said Aiguo Dai, a professor in the department of atmospheric and environmental sciences at the University at Albany.

According to Terry Macko, senior vice president of marketing and communications at World Wildlife Fund, “There has never been a more significant moment in the fight to protect the Earth. ‘Earth Hour’ is a platform to convey a message that we stay committed to deliver and work on the goals of the Paris Climate Change Goal – the United Nations climate treaty, endorsed by 197 nations last year. Like the Paris Protocol, the aim of Earth Hour is also to eliminate the emission of greenhouse gases and reinforce efforts to counter to climate change.

Apart from switching off all lights for an hour, World Wide Fund also has urged people to exhibit their support for the global movement – Earth Hour by changing their Facebook profile picture, contributing to their Facebook feed, offering donations and switching to the Earth Hour performances, live streamed on Facebook Live featuring performers like Bridgit Mendler, Valerie June and many more.

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