Exercise is advised only if it is not a part of your job

According to the latest research, people who have jobs in strenuous fields where physical labor is highly required, have a high risk of shortened lifespan than those who have sedentary jobs. The scientists got their findings in the Netherlands that reported something called ‘physical activity paradox’ which means exercise can be harmful while at work but it is advantageous when you do it on free times.

If a person does not practice exercise on a daily basis, he or she can get into the health problems like obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, dementia, etc. The new study that was published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine explains that not every movement is same. There are several types of physical activities that are linked with increased risk of dying early.

Pieter Coenen, a renowned occupational health researcher at the VU University Medical Center, Netherlands analyzed over 17 studies that examined the effects and consequences of job-based physical activities. The study was conducted on 193,000 men having varied job roles that required physical activity.

Coenen came to a conclusion that people who were more active and did physical work had 18% of the higher risk of shortened lifespan as compared to that of people who had relaxing occupations. Although the results might seem a little contradictory to all the advantages of exercising but according to Coenen, the studies were based on the leisure-time physical activity.

Coenen believes that the type of physical activity one goes through at work and during the leisure break are both different from each other when it comes to exercising. Both of these exercises have different sets of physiological outcomes. People who consider exercising as a part of an activity basically stay energetic for a short duration and take small breaks in between when they are tired. People, on the other hand, who have strenuous job fields where labor work is, work for hours without taking breaks in between.

Physical activity if done on moderate levels can increase the heart rate and blood pressure to strengthen your heart and the cardiovascular system. To examine and study the effects of exercise on health, researchers combined the studies and results from 17 studies that gave them the information of around 200, 000 people at once. The studies they added considered majorly the lifestyle aspects of smoking and alcohol consumption, etc. Coenen realized that not all of the studies regulated the harmful effects.


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