Shingles, the disease that took life of TV actor, Sanjit Bedi, has created panic in the industry. Sanjit Bedi was widely recognised as ‘Dr. Omi’  of the TV serial ‘Sanjeevani’.

Bedi was suffering from the viral infection Shingles and was admitted in Marine Line’s Bombay Hospital where he took his last breath on Tuesday.

Shingles also known as herpes zoster is a viral disease caused by herpes viridae family which is also responsible for causing chicken pox. According to scientists, after causing chicken pox, the virus stays in the nerve root and goes into deep slumber. However, in 15 percent cases the virus reactivates itself and causes deadly Shingles.

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However, it is still unclear why the dormant virus reactivates itself in some cases. While explaining a doctor said that it might be due to weak immune system as the number of white blood cells which protects virus from waking up, see a decline.

Doctors said that Shingles can affect any part of the body. In preliminary stage, skin turns red with burning sensation and irritation which leads to blisters and rashes. Pus forming scabs are also found in some cases. Then the scabs wear off leaving behind scars.

Shingles can be diagnosed within 72 hours and the earlier it is detected the better it could be treated. Thus, it is advisable to seek doctors advice in case of any doubt or if any symptoms are detected. In addition, a person who hadn’t been infected with chicken pox in the past has very less chances of developing Shingles, however, a person who had been infected with the chicken pox virus might develop the deadly disease after one year. People older than 50 years, and people with weak immune system like those who suffer from diabetes and lung diseases are at greater risk.

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